Sunday, April 16, 2006

Edwin D. Viñas Humors and Jokes

These are compilation of humors and jokes that I have as I continue my journey in the thing called LIFE:

04.16.2006 "mind contro technology- putting orders by flashing directly to cortex"

04.16.2006 "mind contro technology- putting orders by flashing directly to cortex", this was the theme of the m0vie "SUBMERGED", starred by a pris0ner Steven Seagal and other team of prisoners who were given missi0n to terminate the evil use of the technology in Uruguay in exchange for their parol. The m0vie was entitled as such because there was a scene where when Steven Seagal and his co-prisoners team escaped after exploding the mind c0ntrol lab inside the dam in a rem0te place in Uruguay, but unfortunately the evil scientist had escaped making their missi0n more challenging as they are n0w with pers0ns exposed to mind control. And m0re acti0ns followed. The ending? Steven and his teamates end up as free men enjoying their vcati0n in s0mewhere beach, but 0ne mind c0ntrolled pers0n remained alive who is a fan of the scientist, ready to c0ntinue the research on the futuristic techn0logy! Thats about the m0vie. Bef0re i watchd al0ne at Gateway, i went to the church for a very l0ng time! I decided 2 take d c0mmuni0n... I postp0ned buying new clothes to make sure that i d0nt ran out of budget. Yeah fud! Dunkin, pineaple juice, BK Mushrum, new haircut! Thanks for this day Lord! A quite nice easter sunday 2 reward myself of many acc0mplishments... Got 2 rest my eyes n0w at 8pm, and h0pe my bro has cooked fud wen i wake up. 0ne thing worrying me is that my bantay shop is c0ming h0me? Who would man the shop wen school day c0mes?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

04.01.2006 i realized that there is n0thing that can make me happy other than change!

i realized that there is n0thing that can make me happy other than change! I want change n0w, for tom0r0w may n0 l0nger be enough 2 experience d change. Dnt save m0ney if it wil n0t make u happy. Reward urself of the best things aftr a big and stressful work.

Late new year's resolutions

-hwag na sumama kna T at A?
-separate organisers by work/project
-backup at least two files n two servers
-d0nt do thngs by m0ney
-n0thng wr0ng in sharing
-ok lng di naman tlaga ako matalino, di naman tlaga ako mayaman
-kung ganito tlaga nakatakda para sakin tatanggapin ko.

When WISOY.COM crashed!

S0methng hapend wen i rem0vd wisoy! After I operated for four months, I suddenly thought of removing it since I am not earning through it, so I removed the website. But somethig had happened, a weird brownout that only happened in the shop. Now, I need to re-establish and maintain it. My wishlist: ups,new locati0n,backup server,projector,sp0nsors etc.

I also realised that:
-We should rem0ve m0ney fr0m intenti0ns as m0ney is n0t d reas0n why we are here n ths world.
-i shud b glad bcoz i hav improvd my life. no need to react that much if i don't get what i want!
-be positive that s0meday philipines wil be okay
-thats life s0me people m0ve faster than the others

Wat a very bad dream about my computer shop!

Wat a very bad dream about my computer shop! Its like my pcs are submerged in flood but n0 matter how my brother and i tried to rescue the pcs, the water has g0ne wild and engulped already the shop. Its like we transferred in a different locati0n and that happened. I love the my c0mputer shop and i hope God wil help me improve it.

Would it mean, i need to love a girl n0w?

What kind of dream is it? What does it mean? My lolo and my lola are there in place where was i think set in old nature province setting -- a beautiful river. Yes, it is a river! But why are they old and stil on a setting where they are like on a courting each other, having fun, and yes, showing how lovers show affecti0n and enjoying each other. But, i was also there in my present age, watching them from just near them, witnessing how my lolo likes my lola. What does it mean? I have never dreamt of two dead people set in lively and pleasant nature river scenery. Would it mean, i need to love a girl n0w?

02.24.2006 Lord ayoko na po humingi sainyo...

Lord ayoko na po humingi sainyo. Alam ko na alam mo ang lahat sa buhay ko at sa mundong ito. Kung talagang gusto nyong maging kapaki-pakinabang ang buhay ko, nawa'y kayo na ang magsabi kung ano ang dapat kong gawin at kung anuman yon ay tatanggapin ko. Ayoko na pong mag-isip ng kung anu-ano para sa sarili ko o kaya para sa mundong ito dahil lalo lamang naguguluhan ang buhay ko at lalo lng nawawalan ng direksyon. Since, you are the one who made me, im giving you the right to control me. I ask this through JESUS CHRIST our Lord, Amen. -Edwin D. Viñas, 02.24.2006, 1c North Road, Cubao, Quezon City.

When I feel down.... slow down!

When i feel down, I just say this words:
  • eh ganito tlaga ako eh wla sila pakialam!
  • n0on pa man ganito na tlaga ako, pulubi at wla hlaga
  • ayoko na masyado humingi sa diyos, dahil yung mga konti ang byaya k0nti rin ang sisingilin ng dyos, pag madami ka byaya madami sisingilin sau ang dyos. Sa dami na ng binigay sakin ng diyos, di pa rin ako nakakabayad sa kanya.

2006.02.07 If you ride MRT, are u still a virgin?

i was on a hurry going to my work wen i got stuck in the MRT stati0n. At d entrance, there were only very few people but inside the stati0n was the slowly piling up of group of passengers. There was this hum0r that came up in my mind. If you are a c0nstant patriot of riding the train everyday, do u stil feel you are a virgin? Jst behnd me was a lady who alm0st had insertd her hand bel0w my thighs! Oh what a life, but i feel happy bcoz today is the first day that i used a horse shampoo! P1000 just to stop my baldness. Hope it wil work. Tonight is my first speech project for the Toastmasters Club. This is a great day! Thank you Lord for giving me an0ther day to c0ntinue with my seven goals and wishes in life.