Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to be happy & inspired daily through mind power!

Nowadays, even if we don't admit it, the world is really getting more difficult -- we work hard everyday in order to buy our needs, we suffer the pollutions caused by industrialization, we travel far just to see a clean beach, we search for friends or lovers just to be happy, and we never stop on thinking how we will live the next day. The daily workload alone is enough to put wrinkles in our faces or the long lines in the train stations can easily disappoint us and spoil our day. Sometimes, we experience leaving the doors of our house feeling good, but when we come to the office or go somewhere else, we feel bad about what we see or experience. It's because, we humans find it hard to accept that we are no longer living in a paradise. Despite of the many technological developments, our lives are just getting more difficult and it will continue to be like this as long the earth rotates on its axis. As long as humans continue to live, we can't avoid these never-ending miseries in life. So, what we need is to find ways on how we can live normally even if the world we are living in is no longer normal.

For the past couple of days, I found a new technique on how to become happy and productive at work. It also helped me have a good aura towards other people. The technique is so easy that all you need to do is "close your eyes" and "think of good things that you want to experience in life." You see, I really believe that "it's all the mind" and it's really true! If you will read my blogs, I once thought of the things I wanted and I was able to get them. Anyway, going back to my technique, I usually try this technique before going to sleep. 

So, lying in bed, I close my eyes.... and voila! I never think of my work nor what I need to do... I'm in a virtual world... I imagine saying to our "katulong" to prepare my tasty dinner with seafood, fresh fruits and wine... I imagine instructing our "boy" to clean the car early in the morning... I imagine lying in bed in my very nice "green room" wherein my windows and roofs are transparent so I can see the moon and stars... I imagine my very special someone whom I usually see at the gym lying right beside me, hugging me tight and telling me "I love you..."! Yes, all those impossible things, I can freely experience them right in my imaginations. After thinking of all the things I would want to experience right at that moment, I would usually fall asleep and I would wake up full of energy and inspiration!

Guys, please try this technique. It will not only help you but all the people surrounding you. Good luck!!!!


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