Monday, December 25, 2006

Knowledge, Progress and Change

With my second visit to the Disney Epcot, I realized that humans have come a long long way as evidenced by the recorded world history. And I realized that what is important is "knowledge accumulation and sharing to bring progress and change...". I am part of a long journey towards the unknown end point. And this brings me back to what I truly believed on since I was studying. I really believe that "what is important is the application of knowledge". Right now, the real journey of earth and its human inhabitants can be pictured in Epcot's Mission Space attraction. This attraction showcases the farthest and deepest ambition of humans -- that is, to travel outside our own planet towards the other corners of the galaxy searching for the truth and the opportunity by which we can start a new kind of life or to explore possibilities of living in those cosmic places in order to do the things that the unknown creator have designed everything to work.