Saturday, November 08, 2008

Human Necessity Business: Sure way to get rich!

Today, after going w/ a friend in the "car accessories central district" in Banawe St in Quezon City & spending a lot in beautifying my new car (high-tech back sensor, license plate case, mud guard), I get to watch the James Bond 007 movie entitled  "Quantum of Solace". I decided to write this blog because I was challenged by the movie's message. It's seems so real & help's me think about my life and where I am going...

It's so challenging to know that while there are some people living normal & thinking about good things in this world, there are also some people from the higher class of society who care about nothing but how to get rich -- how to hoard every possible human necessity or resource in order to gain insurmountable wealth! That's what I realized after watching the movie "Quantum of Solace".  I also realized that "I can only be rich if I can establish a business that capitalizes or focuses on the human necessities or resources". Take for example the biggest companies in the Philippines below:

[Resource Name] [Company/Business]
ABS-CBN/GMA --> Broadcasting business (people needs media/info)
Meralco --> Electricity/Energy (people needs power)
PLDT/Smart/Globe-->Telecommunications (people needs communications)
LaSalle/AMA-->Education (people needs education)
RP Government-->Society/Order (this invisible company manages people)
SM Malls-->Entertainment/Shopping (middle-class needs)
ManilaWater-->Water Supply (people can't live w/o water)
Metrobank/BDO-->Money (money is now like water; can't live w/o it)

The list above may not be enough to show that the successful and longest-running businesses nowadays are really those that focuses on the necessity of the people. Or to better say it, the successful businesses are those that not only capitalizes on the human necessities but also those who even creates resources which wasn't present before. 

After watching the movie, I also realized that blogging will not make me as rich as Henry Sy or as billionaire as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. I need to be able to enter the human necessity market. How? As I've said, nothing is impossible!


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