Saturday, October 25, 2008

Could Philippines be an industrialized country?

Our class is very silent... waiting and understanding difficult troubles in studies... recitation... reading... and listening to the teacher's sermonettes and dreaming for impossible things in life. I doubt if they are happy and love their studies. But for me, I am unhappy about my studies and about the system of education. It is merely because we are studying and taking many kinds of subjects that we do not know if we could really learn from it. "Araling Panlipunan... Values Education... What is X&Y in Mathematics... Filipino... a very unanswerable question shoots, "Are all these subjects that we are learning would give us the knowledge that can promote the biggest program of the Philippines? I am talking about the Philippines 2000, a program that assures that on year 2000, our nation will be an NIC. What is an NIC? It means that Philippines will be a newly industrialized country in year 2000. Could it be a reality?

I know that for a nation to be an industrialized is a very difficult task to accomplish isn't it? It needs to have an advanced education in Science and Technology... not on the subjects that had no sense of improving the humanity.

"On the year 2000, the Philippine education will focus only in Science and Technologies", this was the news I heard from someone.

For me, I agree to the proposal that the education system must focus on S&T because it will really make the gaoal of the Philippines to become an industrialized country a reality. For the simple reason that, the students will have special attention and will learn more in science and technology. Just like in Japan, they focus only in science and technology, that's why most of them are fond of promoting science and technology, yet, I can say that they are also the lowest nation in terms of speaking different kinds of languages...

In this situation, there must be a wider cooperationn between the government and the people. As a matter of fact, we as Filipinos, can help most if we will study harder, discipline ourselves and support the nation's programs. Although, there are many difficulties in this, there are still Filipinos who have heart, mind, own land and especially a chance of living.

As the bible says "Give God his due and He will give back to you."

"Rome was not built in one day".

Edwin D. Vinas, Manito High School, Manito, Albay, Philippines
Taken from "Unthinkable Thoughts Volume 1 -- Edwin D. Vinas"
Encoded this January 11, 2006 by EDV


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