Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soul: More precious than Gold or money

Every living thing has something very precious contained in them more precious than Gold or money. That thing is the core of every living creature. Without that thing, that thing is called "dead". What I am referring to is the "soul". As I spend my first night of my 2-week vacation in Bicol, I realized that the total number of souls in this world is constant. That's why the more people living thing is created the more reduction on the other organic living species containing those souls. A very mysterious event happened tonight. The soul of my cellphone gets transferred to the my refrigerator!

After my arrival at the Legazpi Airport, my mom, myself and the rented jeepney went on to buy stuff -- tv, ref, sala set, groceries etc. Well, after 2-3 hours from the city, we arrived at my birthplace! 31 years ago, I was born in this very far away place which hasn't changed that much except that I am now older, my parents are also growing older, my aunties & uncles also became older; however, the place has not improved that much but the good thing is that we have subsidized electricity already. Anyway, when we arrived I can't wait but to setup the TV, the bamboo sala set, etc. My father has done some cementing on this house which is the same as the place where my Lolo's house stands before. So, we watched TV, ate dinner, and decided to setup the ref after 4-5 hours of settling down the freons. But, the bad news, the ref doesn't work so I am so disappointed because we bought that from the city & transported at the back of the jeepney. So, we planned on returning the ref supposedly this morning. Then, after I guess 4 hours of sleep, I was awaken and I decided to open my hight-tech phone Omnia, but hey, it also doesn't turn on anymore. What happened? And so I decided to go the sala, tried to charge there but no light indicator from the phone. SO, the phone is dead. I even used it to text my girlfriend before I slept. So, with the frustration of having a dead new ref and a dead 20k cellphone -- that's a lot of waste of money! 

Then, here's the more shocking after I re-tested my ref -- my ref is now found to be working but my phone is dead. How is that possible? It's possible that my phone's soul gets transferred to my refrigerator. What does that imply? It's possible that the total number of souls in this planet -- included newly created live technologies like cellphones, laptops, cars etc -- is constant. Thus, God let my refrigerator lived while putting my phone dead since I will not need it that much here in the mountains. God may have seen that we have a lot of perishable goods that will be wasted just in case the ref doesn't work & He doesn't want us to be tired of returning the ref to the city for repair amidst this rainy days and the difficulty of travelling through rough roads.

When I get back to Manila, I may just find a soul to my Omnia by bringing it to a technician. Hope it can find a new soul or better yet, I hope it will find a new soul tomorrow morning since it's just  2AM on this April the 6th. What is important is that my ref is alive and the food we bought will not be wasted. 

Lord, thank you very much for your unending care, support and patience. Please forgive me if I don't mingle much with the people here, I just don't want to merge with their worldly and bad behaviours. 

"The only way for Manito to prosper is to fix the roads. If all roads are cemented, the town will
prosper. Same as the internet infrastructure, the road is also an infrastructure that is badly needed especially in very far away places like Banao."

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