Saturday, October 25, 2008

Do sleeping positions have an effect in a persons life?

Today, I won a Nokia 6230 during our company's Christmas Party. Could it be attributed on the way I sleep? All the previous nights I've been sleeping with my body resting on the left side of my brain. But just tonight, I slept with the right side of my brain and look at what happened today? Is it luck or something caused by a good chemical reaction when ur blood is concentrated on the right side of your brain? This could be a good personal belief which I still need to prove. Could this also be attributed on my life's wishlist which includes buying a nice PDA phone? The night before I won the cellphone, I was actually browsing the net on new cellphones but didn't have the idea how to purchase coz I don't have any cash or the luxury to do so. So now, one of my wishlists have been solved! How about u? Have u made ur personal life wishlist?


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