Friday, February 24, 2006

Two Implications of the Feb06 State of National Emergency

If you are someone who works very hard and seldom saves money for a living, the current declaration of the state of national emergency by the Philippine President Gloria Arroyo on February 24, 2006 has two implications and is just something I can't focus attention to as it will not add any cubit in my living. First, it means to say that the government is now gradually decreasing the power of those people/groups/organizations who doesn't know anything but to think for themselves and politics. We ate now becoming a nation with orderliness and leaning towards law enforcement. Second, it means that the Philippines is still a nation of divisiveness in terms of nationalism. Until now, Philippines is still a country whose countrymen doesn't respect the law and the government. Due to the EDSA Revolution in 1986, some people still have that residual behaviour of taking matters to the streets rather than peacefully proposing a solution to the countries economic and political crisis. Well, I say congratulations to President Arroyo and the rest of the military/police for stopping another possible sabotage in our continuously degrading country. Couldn't we Filipinos unite for one goal and ambition? Have we tried looking at the other countries? They're laughing at us! We are still a very poor country who is known for domestic helpers, overseas workers and violent citizens? Couldn't we Filipinos return to our original self? As fas as I know, Filipinos are nice people. They are one of the best people in the world in the early era of civilization. Maybe due to over-colonialization, globalization and lack of proper government, we've become the worst nation! If we Filipinos won't unite, it's a worst nation that we will leave to our children in the future. We will forever be slaves of other countries... degrading culture, economy and slow development. Sometimes, law enforcement must really be implemented as what the current government is doing. Come on! Have respect and trust other people. Besides, power and politics will not do anything to put our nation into the rightheousness. God won't look down to us if we even don't have the face to show Him. He knows these things will happen in all the world. Do you still want to be part of bad history? The past marshall law and EDSA revolution is maybe enough. Let's unite!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What for?

I attended a training today about technology and process manaement. The training went well as I really participated in it by asking questions and have myself a nice neon green ballpen! "What for?", this is the phrase which caught my attention as the trainor mentioned it in his talk. Why am I doing all these things? What for?