Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tips for Companies on how to motivate employees

IMHO, if i have developed something or has accomplished a job well done, what do i want?

1. I want others to apprciate my work?
2. I want the institute to have a public posting of this work whether in a form of a simple congrats in a bulletin board as "employee of themonth" or "researcher of the month" or whatever that is that will makemy name known to others.
3. I want to have a simple webpage in asti for listing the accomplishments orresearch outputs done by the person.
4. I want to rest after about a week.
5. I want to be treated for a free lunch or something similar.
6. A day-off.
7. A training for free.
8. Maybe a program will be held in the training room where all asti employeeswould recognize me, show my work, and eat together.
9. A press release can be good especially if the work is new.
10. A free supply of office materials (coffee, diskette, cd etc)
11. A gift (plaque, sign pen, trophy etc)
12. A recognition day every after six months just like a recogintion dayin school where students gets recoginzed together with the rest of the outstanding students (researchers).
13. If the work is stunning, asti can possibly work out for immediate promotion of the person.
14. Maybe a money incentive (P500) siguro. he he heetc. Anything that will make me happy... as someone doing great in a company.

What kind of job a person searches so he can stay and feel secured?

I think i need a jobe that will offer me not just good compensation butstable job with no interventions ( i mean continuous) and with benefits thatwe can enjoy.

The job I want... 

For three years that I have been working, I have been involvedin many things without focus. I would like to have a job that:
- concerns with research and development pref in communications and neworking
- trains subordinates and presents new concepts and ideas
- pays me at least 25T per month (Philippine-rate)
- guarantees employment for at least 20 years (local or abroad)
- challenges my skills to think innovatively
- motivates me to do things- accepts me as what I am
- the field? [network engineer, systems administrator, scienceresearch specialist, product developer, consultant and many others aslong as it concerns ECE, IT, computers and networks!]
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Personality Traits Needed in Jobs

# Team player
# Quick learner
# Good problem solving skills
# Good analysis skills
# Able to work well under pressure
# Fluency in English and French (oral and written)
# Good oral and written communication skills
# Occasional travelling
# On-call duty required (Pager Support).


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