Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lessons of Global Recession 2008

Global recession happened maybe because we have abused the power of money! For example, having the power to advance the flow of money through credit cards and lending institutions, people have the power to spend a lot without paying them properly. I myself, was also victimized by such abusive use of credit cards. You know, in the old world, we only get money when we work. Today, through credit cards, we can advance the availability of money. Advancing the money resource instead of making it available as needed is one of the reasons of global recession. We have taught the people to live more than what they need to survive.

As we continue to think of solutions to the current financial crisis, we just need to take Global recession w/ open mind? I would think of the following long-term solutions:

- Support US, Russia and Japan in exploring new planets where humans can live
- Set standard of living for all residents of the Earth -- to minimize resources consumption as much as possible until we find a livable planet.
- This is a great time to revisit our faith in the Creator & our role in continuing the human civilization.


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