Saturday, October 25, 2008

Theory on World Formation

The formation of the world seems very much myeterious until today. Despite of all the advances in technology in our planet, scientists haven't found if what is the begining of the world.

Most of us, especially the christian communities believed that the world was created by God in heaven. We can find its stories in Genesis in the Bible. We always base our beliefs in the Bible, a book that is not really written by God but by the people who worship Gods.

Going back to that creation theory, we know or we believe that the world is created by God in heaven. But where is heaven? Where does it come from? If there is God, where does God came from? Is there also a kingdom of God, I mean a community of God?

Scientifically speaking, I believe that the world has a unique beginning... a beginning that we really don't know. Now, let us relate this in some of the theories in science nowadays. Aside from creation theory, we have evolution theory which is purely scientific. This includes the scientific theory on world formation which is still unverified nowadays. There is a theory that says that the world came from the sun. It says that during the beginning, the sun exploded and its particles are spread in space which believe to be world and planets itself originated. There is also a theory that the planets in the solar system came from a primordial egg which exploded and its parts were spread in the vast space and its where the world has originated. Now the very big question is, where do this particles came from? Where does the sun came from? Where do the primordial egg came from?

All this things are very myterious and this myterious beginning will just be proven by God, if there is any...

Click here for a more comprehensive inf0rmation about scientific theories about the history of time, space and the universe.

Taken from Unthinkable Thoughts
Written September 1, 1995 12:42pm, TUP manila
Encoded this January 25, 2006


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