Saturday, October 25, 2008

Philippines is a divided country between caring and non-caring citizens

As a regular passenger of the Metro Rail Transit(MRT) from Cubao to Mandaluyong, I realized that the Philippines is not a solid country -- it is still a divided country consisting of people who cares and people who doesn't care at all. On the left side of this divided country lies the youth and the oldies who are filled with hope that this country will someday grow into a righteous and prosperous country. On the other side of the divided Philippines is the group of Filipinos who merely exist to live and chooses to be a burden of the society. Now the question is, will we ever reach a point wherein the Filipinos will be a solid country?

Here are some observations I have while riding the MRT:
1) I was standing on a compact group of sweaty passengers waiting for the next train. Then, a young guy beside me slowly gets something from his pocket which I realized as a candy. This MRT passenger, who looks like he studied in college, suddenly throws a candy wrapper in the rails of the train. Whenever I see scenes like these, I feel my hope in the Philippines is being diminished since I know that there are still a lot of Filipinos who doesn't care about the society.

2) MRT passenger not cooperating to give way to passengers to alight first or to go the vacant space at the center. In the MRT, it was so funny especially in Cubao station because even if the train is so full, one goes out and 3 or more gets in! I know we Filipinos are strong, but this doesn't show that we are disciplined citizen of this country. If you are a disciplined Filipino, why would you block the way of the passengers who are alighting the train? If you are a caring Filipino, why don't you adjust your position to the center of the train so others can fill the space near the train doors?

But despite of all these bad scenarios, I know that this country is still moving forward. So, let us all work toward the same goal! Let us all unite and eliminate the group of non-caring people! As someone who belongs to the group of caring Filipino citizens, I know that we have come a long way but we should realize that the neighboring countries have come a much farther way because they are now exploring the solar system! They have perfected the modern economics and good governance! 

Which group of Filipinos do you belong?


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