Saturday, October 25, 2008

Creator - Creature Heirarchy

You and I belongs to a what we call "creator-creature heirarchy" in this vast universe. We think of God as our creator. As we will notice, God doen't talk to us directly. But He communicates with us with the environment, through our senses and the minute sensors and systems He designed us. Truly, the universe is such a big heirarchy of different creatures who were created by different creators. We humans, is one big part of a whole that makes up a big universe. We are created by God which no one has ever seen for we can not truly see who created us for we are on a different level of understanding. To better explain the dilemna of understanding the human situation, we can compare it to computers who were created by humans. In the future, through evolution, humans will make way to a new era of humanoids who are half computer and half-human. Computers cannot directly communicate or talk at the same understanding as its creator for we humans have a different level of knowledge and understanding compared to our creations. Computers may sense our inputs through computers but they can never have control over its creator --humans. Same is true with God whom we consider as our creator. We can never ever have control over who created us. God may also be created by another super being and that is far more advanced and of different level of superiority over us. What is important is that we, humans, are performing what we are designed to do in this world.


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