Saturday, July 05, 2008

My First Car - a Toyota Vios 1.3E M/T!

Five years ago, I dreamed of owning a car so that I will not worry in walking through the dark streets from home to work. On many occasions, I thought a person like me can never own a car since I was just a poor guy from a poor family. But since I am a man with a lot of goals and wishes in life, I now own a Toyota Vios 1.3E car! Until now, I still can't believe I made this dream a reality. So far, it's the most expensive I ever spent on in my whole life! So, I am here sharing to you the story on how a poor boy from the mountain was able to buy a car!

Two years ago, I said to myself "It's almost six years now after I graduated and worked; but then buying a car is still next to impossible." Yes, that's how frustrated I am in attaining my dream of buying my own car but I didn't give up. I just waited for two more years until last June 2008, I was able to take a very big risk of investing in buying a new car. Of course, since I don't know how to drive, the Toyota dealer from Marikina delivered the car in my house. It was such an unforgettable experience riding in your own car for the first time. It feels like I am deeply blessed!

My interest in buying a car intensified when I was assigned onshore in Florida, USA. I still don't how to drive back then but my officemate let me drive the car around the apartment. Then, to prepare myself, I enrolled in A1 Driving for a straight 1-day rush course after our onshore assignment. When I first learned to drive during that rush course, I realized that drivers are really skilled people -- imagine they can coordinate with precision on how to control the clutch, brake, gas and steering wheel while still minding the speedy cars on the front, side and back of the car! After our rush course which I got to experience driving along EDSA, I realized driving is one skill that needs to be learned and it's not easy! So, from that time, I learned to appreciate the taxi or jeepney drivers who helped us get to the destination everyday.

After almost a year, I decided to buy a car because I am so tired riding the MRT especially during rush hours in the Cubao train station. So, even if I am just an ordinary employee who earns just enough, I still decided to buy a car. Besides, I want to mark this goal as "Done" together with my goals of graduating in college, buying a pocket PC, letting my brother finish college, finishing my competent communicator norm in Toastmasters club, and buying a laptop! Now, I can add to my dream-come-true list -- I was a able to buy a car!

Another reason, why I decided to buy a car is to use it when I go to my province in Bicol so that I can tour around the city and town's beautiful places. In our province it's very difficult to go around since there are not much jeepneys available. We only have once a day jeepney trip. When I have perfected my driving skills, I am going to drive from Manila to Albay province!

Saving money and continuously wishing really helped me attain my goal of buying a car. I fought the temptations of buying a PSP or Ipod and tried to save at least 50% of my salary and bonuses. It's difficult to deny yourself of something while saving money but since I really need a car, I decided to buy one when I already have the opportunity. So when I felt my heart is beating fast whenever I thought of a car, I decided not to wait for the TL car loan -- I really can't wait and I no longer want to suffer. Besides, if I have a car, my family can already go to some places.

Before I get to buy my new car, I also encountered a time when I almost decided to drop or exclude this as one my goals in life especially now that there is a controversial issue w/ global warming. But during the Toastmasters Discon2008 in Tagaytay, I found a booth of Toyota Cavite and so I inquired at how much or how can a poor man own a car! Then, I also get to meet some other dealers especially in malls where they have a booths and display of cars they're selling. Whenever I see beautiful cars being displayed at the malls, all I can say is "Wow! How I wish I can own a new car!".

For those who wants to know the steps in buying a car, assuming you are as poor as I am, here are the important steps:
1) Open a time deposit account at any bank (i.e., Metrobank). When you have a money, gradually increase your deposit. If you want, you can open two or three accts and then merge them into one big TD account. In this way, you are sure your money will not be spent since you can only get it after maturity.

2) Enroll in A1 Driving w/ expenses amounting to P4,100 including student permit processing and 5-hour Manual driving rush course.

3) Inquire at a Car Loan from a bank. The system in car loans is that the back will pay the car to the dealer and you will just pay the monthly payment to the bank. In effect, if you buy a car through a loan, the car is already fully-paid by the bank.

4) Decide if you want to go back to square one. After I submitted my car loan application, I am still confused since I will start over again w/ 0 savings. But then, I am not wasting money here -- if I really do, I think I have the right since it's a product of my sweat and blood. I'll just work harder so I can cope up with the expensive-owning-a-car lifestyle.

5) Processing of purchase order from the bank. Basically, you need to pay for the 30% downpayment, 1-month advance and chattel mortgage.

6) Pay LTO and insurance at the car dealer after the bank has forwarded the PO to the dealer.

7) Deliver the car!

8) Enroll again at A1 and apply for a Non-Professional License at the same time.

9) Enjoy driving!!!!!


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